Frequently Asked Questions
1. How often should I pack wheel bearings?
We recommend re-packing wheel bearings at 6 months or 6000 miles.  Bearings should be inspected and packed as needed.

2. How often should I adjust brakes?
Every 3000 miles under normal conditions.

3. What do I need to do to maintain the roof?
Clean the roof with mild soap or rubber roof cleaner twice a year and be sure to check all seals around vents, plumbing pipes, etc.  Doing this will cut down the chance of leaks considerably.

4. Does the battery charge when the trailer is plugged in?
Yes, the converter will maintain battery charge when the trailer is plugged in.  However, a dead battery should be charged on a regular battery charger.  Also, if the trailer is in storage and not plugged in, you should unhook the negative side of the battery so the LP gas detect, radio, etc. do not discharge the battery.

5. How do I handle black streaks?
To minimize black streaks, keep the roof clean and wash the trailer often with R.V. wash and wax, Armor-All car wash or if you really want to do something good, a coat of wax would greatly help!

1. Will a digital converter box work with the analog TV in my trailer?
Yes. The antenna on your unit will bring in the digital TV signals and a converter box will make the channels viewable, just as it does in your home.

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